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Our Story

Founded in 2017 and based in Lucerne, Switzerland, My-Mountains is a trusted community marketplace for winter sport professionals and mountain lovers that can upload, search and book unique mountain experiences all over Europe.

My-Mountains helps you to live your mountain passion by proposing a dynamic booking platform for your favorite winter sport or mountain activity, connecting you to your selected sport instructor, guide or simply mountain lover.
My-Mountains offers a large choice of unique mountain experiences created by certified, qualified and selected providers.

Our international elite Team is made up of young professionals, all with different skills and strengths, all united under the same common goal: delivering a service that is useful for people, solutions that are exploratory, educational and inspirational.

Through us and thanks to all our selected providers, you can easily choose and safely practice your favorite mountain activity.

With My-Mountains, we want to give an easy access to a remarkable learning experience over the mountains.

Our Vision

We believe learning is the key to achieving a person's full potential. It's important because it boosts confidence, is enjoyable and provides happiness. We make the experience of learning as fun, memorable and smooth as possible.

Our values

Our passion for mountains is what makes our hearts beat

We help clients to respectfully “experience the mountains” while we keep learning

A willingness to share ideas to go further - much further

We know our clients and we take care of them

Meet the team

Andrea - Director

In our team

Tourism management expert with several years of international experience between different continents. Andrea drives the company's vision, strategy and identify future growth opportunities. He's also dedicated to build a team of world class passionate mountain people to allow My-Mountains to became the most useful website for mountain lovers.

Andrea and the mountains

Andrea fell in love with the mountains when he was five years old. Ever since then he dedicated his life to his mountain passion. He participated in several international ski competitions in different countries. Today he is a tireless skier. In winter, he is constantly looking for the best freeriding conditions in the Alps while in Summer he loves hiking and trekking.


Life is like a ski ride, you must adapt to every turn

Giuseppe – Technology

In our team

In our team Giuseppe is our great creative thinker, IT guru and community builder with a strong sense of humour. He leads the IT department and creates and shapes the technology behind My-Mountains. He's tirelessly dedicated to develop, implement and improve the user experience of My-Mountains.

Giuseppe and the mountains

Giuseppe inherit the love for mountains from his ancestors from Valtellina, a valley in north of Italy. Since childhood he succumbed to the charm and the majestic atmosphere of the mountains. Today, he loves snowboarding in winter and hiking and camping with his family in summer.


It's not a bug: it's a feature

Edoardo – Marketing

In our team

Young graduate master student in International Tourism with a background in economics and communication, Edoardo is responsible for the correct implementation of the main marketing activities within My-Mountains. Particularly, he takes care of the development and implementation of the marketing plan through the company's channels, managing the CRM and social medias daily, reporting all the marketing activities and, at the same time, taking care of users' experience.

Edoardo and the mountains

Since he was a child his passion for mountains was immediately clear: in a hot summer of the 90's, while his family was taking a bath by the sea, he was caught sitting under the umbrella... reading a hiking map of Mont Blanc! Mountain lover at 360 degrees, he incredibly loves hiking, trail running and mountain biking, but enjoys as well more cultural and historic aspects of the wonderful world of the Alps.


There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm

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