Andrea Caspani

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Mountains are like women, you have to love them in good and bad weather.

My name is Andrea I was born on Lake Como and I live in Lucerne since 2011 with my small family.

I love mountains: skiing in winter and hiking, trekking in summer.

I learned skiing when I was 5 years old in the Dolomites (Italy).
Today I am a fully qualified Ski Instructor in Switzerland, Italy and France. Since 2003 I teach all skiing techniques at all levels to kids as well adults.
I speak fluently English, German, Italian. I understand fairly well many Swiss dialects and Spanish.
I though skiing to thousands of happy skiers. For me teaching is really fascinating as every person is different I have to adapt to them. Firstly, I need to gain their trust. Then, it's important to be emphatic, meaning adjust my teaching techniques and communication to them. Thirdly, I need to choose the right exercises as well as slope difficulty to make sure they can safely feel their body and improve their skills. Finally, probably the most important, they must have fun!

If you are thinking to try skiing it's absolutely crucial that you do so with a professional because you have 17 minutes to either love or hate this sport. Believe me, I have been seeing many traumatised people that tried with their friends or partners and to remove that trauma it's very hard. So do yourself a favour, invest in a Ski Instructor and you won't regret it.

With My-Mountains we also organise different International Skiing Trips around the world.

I also love Telemark and Freeriding! Explore the off-piste or try Telemark to really feel new emotions and truly connect with the natural environment.

In Summer, instead, I love to lead hiking and rail tours throughout Switzerland and tell to my clients all the stories of this beautiful country.

I look forward to skiing or hiking with you.

Andrea Caspani