Daniele Geremia

Age: 38
Activities:  Skiing - Freeride; Skiing - Touring; Skiing - Cross-country; Skiing - Heli-skiing; Skiing - Avalanche courses; Skiing - Carving; Snowboarding - Heli-skiing; Others - Ice Climbing; Mountain Biking - Snow-blades; Others - Guiding;


Have a perfect time, in a great place!

My name is Daniele Geremia and I am a professional mountain guide for more than 10 years. I practice my activities both in the well famous destinations and in the lesser known places in the Alpes. Exploring the Nature and enjoying its elements surrounded by breathtaking panoramas is my lifestyle and its probably one of the best ways to free your mind from the intense urban environment that surrounds us more and more in everyday life. To share my passion for outdoor activities and adventures I invite you to join my crew in any season of the year. With MountainFree you can discover a new hobby or practice your favorite passion. We offer in our Programs different activities for any age or ability, as well as improving your acquired skills or creating new ones. We are located in Val di Zoldo, Dolomites - only an hour away from Venice, which makes it easy for us to arrange for you an unforgettable vacation with outdoor activities straight from the airport and back.Trough sharing stunning views while practicing a variety of sports we seek to inspire ordinary people to discover how big of a playground we have available for every one of us to enjoy.