HELP (Customers)


About My-Mountains

My-Mountains helps you to live your mountain passions through an online platform that allow you to search and book your selected experiences.

What can I book?

You can book both private and group experiences. We offer a variety of experiences such as skiing, snowboarding, freeriding, heli-skiing, ski safaris, hiking, as well as food tasting and guided tours etc.. Every provider is selected and certified.

How does My-Mountains work?

In the search bar, just enter the resort you want to visit, select the preferred dates and all available experiences will show up.
You can easily check and book directly your preferred experiences on My-Mountains. If you have further questions you can contact the provider directly Through a specific message system.

Is My-Mountains free of charge?

In order to run and improve our services we apply a 5% contribution to final customers. This is already included in the final price of each experience.

How to search

How to search for an experience?

Type in your desired destination in the search bar and select the appropriate dates. This brings you to a list with all the available experiences. You are then able to filter the list according to your needs (e.g. type of activity, skills level and so on.)

How are prices shown?

Prices are displayed per person or per service unit, according to each specific experience

Where can I find the meeting point and start time with the service provider?

Meeting point and time is always shown in the details of the experience.

How can I contact the service provider?

You can contact the service provider through our automated message systems.
After the booking the phone number will be displayed as well.


How does the booking works?

After you have chosen the experience you can inquire your booking.Type in your payment information and within 18 hours the provider can either accept or decline your inquiry. As soon as the provider accepts your booking, the booking becomes binding.

Is the booking binding?

As soon as the provider accepts your booking, the booking will become valid. A cancellation of the booking is always possible.

Do I receive a booking confirmation?

Yes. As soon as your booking is accepted you will receive a confirmation via e-mail with all details summarized in it.

Does My-Mountains charge a booking fee?

In order to run and improve our services we apply a 5% contribution to final customers. This is already included in the final price of each experience

Do I need to register to make a booking?

My-Mountains is a community and therefore it's necessary to register to make a booking. By registering, we will also send you the best and latest available experiences according to your preference.

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes, a cancellation of a booking is always possible. Just log in with your account details and cancel your booking. Depending on the time of the cancellation a cancellation fee may occur.

What are the cancellation policies?

My-Mountains allow Providers to choose between two different cancellation policies:


What payment methods are accepted?

Visa (credit- & debit-card), MasterCard (credit- & debit-card) and Maestro.

Is the payment secured?

Yes. Our online payment systems use the highest data security and encryption standards. My-Mountains is not storing any credit card details itself. The payment process is fully processed by the payment service provider.

Can I pay directly the service provider?

No, in order to guarantee the smoothest booking process, the booking can be made only via My-Mountains.

When do I get charged?

You will be charged once the service provider accepts your request. If the Provider rejects your booking you won't be charged.

Do I have to pay transaction fees?

In order to run and improve our services we apply a 5% contribution to final customers. This is already included in the final price of each experience.

HELP (Providers)


Is My-Mountains free of charge?

Creating your profile is free of charge.
We only charge a commission when you get bookings through my-mountains as described in our T&C.

Who can register?

In order to guarantee the highest standards only selected providers will be able to access the platform. Further, providers need to be legally certified and/or qualified accordingly to local laws and regulations.

How can I register?

You can easily register online. After registration, your account will show as “Pending approval”. Before authorizing your account, we need to check that you have the skills and qualification to be part of the community. We'll assess your CV, motivation letter, certifications and references that you have to send us at

Why should I join My-Mountains?

Thanks to our intentional presence and network we increase your online visibility and therefore we help you to grow your business. Further, we help to streamline the booking process and therefore reduce the manual booking administration. This allow you to dedicate more time to your customers while we take care of the bookings.

My profile

Can I offer activities in more than one location?

Yes, only if local regulations and laws allows that. You are responsible to check such information.
We allow you to easily select the resorts where you are providing your services. It's possible to select different winter and summer resorts as well.

What can I do to get more bookings and show up on top in the search results?

These are the best practice that will allow you to increase your visibility on My-Mountains:
- First of all, you should describe yourself and your services as good as possible.
- You should upload pictures and which show up in your profile and set properly the customers' expectations.
- Also, answering as fast as possible to request is an important factor. The answer time is 18 hours.
- Last but not least your feedback is also very important, ask your customers to give you a recommendation on the portal. This will help to establish your reputation.

Do I have to enter my bank details?

We highly recommend you to fill out the account details immediately. Otherwise, we cannot transfer the payments of the customers to your account.


Will bookings automatically be accepted?

We want you having full control over all incoming booking requests. Therefore, you can see open requests of clients and decide within 18 hours whether you want to accept or decline the request.

What happens, if I do not accept or decline a booking request within 18 hours?

If you didn't respond within 18 hours, your booking will expire. This will affect negatively your ranking position. Further, we reserve ourselves the right reallocate the booking to another provider if the customer requests it.

Can I cancel confirmed bookings?

Yes, only in exceptional cases. Precondition is that the cancellation takes place at least 48 hours before the booked slot. Cancellations can only be made through our support. Please contact us on for any cancellation.

I cannot deliver the service, can I propose an alternative one to the customer?

Yes, you may. The alternative service must have an equal or higher quality. Anyhow the customer has the right to cancel without any penalty.

Can a customer cancel a confirmed booking?

Yes, a customer can cancel the booking. If you are entitled to a cancellation fee we will make the respective transfer to your bank account and you will be informed by our support.

What are the cancellation policies?

My-Mountains allow to choose between two different cancellation policies:

Guests will also be asked to agree to the cancellation policy when they make a booking.

What happens after I have confirmed a booking?

You and the customer will receive a confirmation email with all information related to the service. Please double check that all details are accurate and inform immediately the customer in case something has to be changed (e.g. meeting points, equipment required, etc.).


How and when will I receive the payments?

Payments are automatically transferred to your bank account every month. Our bank transfers run usually on the 10th of the month (e.g. services delivered in December will be paid on the 10th of January).