Swiss Survival Training - Weekend

Winter survival course for the wild outdoor lovers.
In this course you will have the opportunity to learn how to survive in cold regions.
Topics covered: fire make, Cold protection techniques, Preparation of emergency food (edible wild plants, animal emergency food), survival psychology (behaviour in emergency situations), knife science (knife handling, working techniques), Bushcraft Basics,
Survival Tips.
Location: 1 hour from Zurich.

Activity:  Others - Other  - Level:  Beginner
Type:  Group
Ages:  Adults
Compulsory equipment: 
Backpack, warm clothes, sturdy shoes, thick sweater, rain jacket, WARM sleeping bag, sleeping mat, Knife with fixed blade, flashlight.
Difficulty: suitable for beginners, 16 years and older.
Scope of services: Guided survival training on a weekend at Survival Camp with overnight stay in the open air, survival food, practical practice of the techniques learned, circular walk with guided tour of edible wild plants, working materials. Professional full-time supervision!
Not included: 
Items for personal use.
Price 290CHF per person.
Meeting point and start time: To be confirmed


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