Paragliding Tandemflight Davos Klosters

Paragliding in Davos Klosters is the best way to fulfill your dream of flying. We offer flights over 1'000 meters hight difference and 15 to 35 minutes airtime. Each flight is so individual like our passengers, so we reserve 2 hours for you only. The meeting point is at our booking office at Davos Platz, direct at the Jakobshorn cable cars station. Here you can store your goods and we go together with the cable cars to the take off. The landing is also right there.

Activity:  Paragliding - Paragliding  - Level:  Beginner
Type:  Private
Ages:  Adults
Compulsory equipment: 
Just bring some good shoes and weather proof clothes. If you don't have some, we're happy to lend your some gear for fee.
Not included: 
In summertime the cable cars are for free if you stay in a Hotel in Davos Klosters. Otherwise the ride with the cable cars is not included.
Meeting point and start time: Joyride Paragliding


Giesch Robert


Quotation: Let the air be your playground, enjoy the pleasure of free flying in Davos Switzerland.

Biography:  From the first time airborne I my life was changed I will get back there on and on.


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