Mount LLullaillaco (6739 m): the Inca´s sacred dream

Mount LLullaillaco is an active vulcano than arises in the border between Chile and Argentina. This isolated and remote giant is the highest archeological site on the world. In its summit, the bodies of three incas children were found some years ago, among ruins with funerary and religious purposes. The nortwest route, in the chilean side of the mountain, is a straightforward but demanding climb, on a glacier and very rocky terrains.

Activity:  Mountaineering - Mountaineering  - Level:  Intermediate
Type:  Indifferent
Ages:  Adults
Compulsory equipment: 
Down Jacket, Thermal gloves, Double boots, Crampons, Sleeping Bag, Backpack 65 liters, Sleeping Matress
Not included: 
Flight tickets, Accommodation in cities, Meals in cities
Meeting point and start time: Antofagasta airport (Chile)


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