The see eye- Vihorlat

A famous English writer, Charles Dickens, said that we should not be ashamed of our tears. So, we invite you to the most beautiful one we have in Slovakia. We are talking about the Sea eye, one of the wonders of our country, in the Vihorlat mountains. Even though it is called an "eye", from certain views it resembles a cerulean tear. It received its name due to its beautiful light blue surface resembling a sea. It is possible to walk around the whole lake on a well kept trail.

Activity:  Hiking - Hiking  - Level:  Intermediate
Type:  Group
Ages:  Adults
Compulsory equipment: 
  • Slovakia
Meeting point and start time: Remetské Hámre


Lukas Horny


Biography:  Hi I am Lukas from Slovakia ,young boy who is hungry for travel and exploring new destinations,cult...


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