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Have you ever thought about learning to ski?

This is an opportunity to test if you like it.
The Taster Course is designed for people that want to try skiing for the first time. On average, people trying skiing for the first time, have 17 minutes to realise if they like skiing or not. That's why is essential to start with a professional in a safe and engaging environment.

Skiing is more than a sport, it's a combination of balance, strength, nature connection and soul freedom.

Group size is between 4 and 7 to maximise the quality of the lesson.

There are 3 sessions per day:
- From 9:30 to 11:00.
- From 11:30 to 13:00.
- From 14:00 to 15:30.
You can choose the preferred slot simply sending us a message. However, if your slot is already full, you'll be moved to the next available one. If you don't choose any slot, then you’ll be assigned by us and receive a notification few days earlier.

Why choosing me?
Well, rest assured I am very qualified for the job.
I have my full Ski Instructor license for Switzerland, Italy and France with the highest level of education and I keep myself updated with the latest Ski Techniques on a regular basis.

Not convinced yet?
Check out the reviews of My-Mountains and read about what our customers say about us.

More about me
I am Italian living in Lucerne since 2011, father of a one-year daughter, skiing for more than 30 years, teaching since 2003, ski trainer since 2007. I speak Italian, English, German and understand most of the Swiss German dialects. I also guide Ski Trips throughout the Alps and in Summer I am a hiking and tour guide.

Why usually people choose me?
- Experienced = Results guaranteed.
- Possible to choose many different Ski Areas in different countries.
- Multiple Language.
- Super-friendly.
- Client-oriented.

Life is too short not to try skiing.
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Skiing - Standard lesson
Not included
- Transportation
- Meals
- Ski-pass
- Insurance.

In case I am not available another Ski Instructor will run the course.
  • Engelberg
Meeting point and start time
To be confirmed after the booking.
Compulsory equipment
- Ski equipment.
- Helmet.

If you need support to hire equipment we are happy to help.
From 50.00 CHF/ Person


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