Believe in your potential! 3h Telemark Lesson (max. 3 Pers.)

You are skiing well and was watching often the elegant turns of the Telemark riders?
Then let yourself be introduced under expert guidance into the fascination of \"Telemark skiing\"!
In just a few hours you will experience the ingenious curve feeling in the style of the Norwegians. Even without super athletic conditions, I promise you a day with many highlights on skis.

Activity:  Skiing - Telemark  - Level:  Indifferent
Type:  Private
Ages:  Adults
Compulsory equipment: 
Not included: 
Meeting point and start time: 09.00 Flims


Ralf Hartmann


Quotation: "Des Kunden Zufriedenheit ist meine Befriedigung" snow-coach Ralf

Biography:  Am See aufgewachsen hat es Ralf im Winter schon immer in die Berge gezogen. Seit zwanzig Jahren le...


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