Experience Paragliding Tandemflight

We choose the best flight spot depending on actual weather conditions.
The exact flight duration depends on weather and thermal activity, our pilots always fly as long as possible with regard to passenger comfort.
Flight duration 10-30 min
Flight spots/areas:
– Brunni-Engelberg
– Fürenalp-Engelberg

Activity:  Paragliding - Paragliding  - Level:  Beginner
Type:  Indifferent
Ages:  Indifferent
Compulsory equipment: 
- Sturdy shoes
- Anorak
- Sportive clothing
- Sunglasses
Not included: 
- Photo & Video service CHF 30.- Spectacular photos & videos of your flight copied directly after landing to USB Pen (inclusive)
- Cablecar ticket (depends flying spot, between 8.- and 34.-)
Meeting point and start time: Engelberg


Urs Estermann


Quotation:  we cannot direct the wind - but we can adjust the sails

Biography:  The FREEMINDS Paraglide crew was founded in the year 2002 by Urs Estermann in Engelberg. The name d...


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